Chasing Hearts®

Date 1: Reading your opponent's physical tells will make or break you at the poker table, but they'll also make or break first dates. Does Brian miss some valuable information or does he make the right read to make sure this couple ends up running it twice?
Date 2: Poker's most dangerous double-edged sword: aggression. Sometimes it is successful, sometimes it backfires, it all depends on how your opponents react. Will an aggressive approach force Lauryn's date to fold or win her a second kiss?
Date 3: Timing is everything in poker and on first dates. The right move or bet can turn a losing hand in to a winner, but will Shrudi press the right button at the right time to make sure she and Arthur play another hand?
Date 4: It is easy for poker players to talk the talk. It isn't always easy to walk the walk though, and it's even harder to dance the dance on a first date. Does Kelly think Robert is the real deal or does she see right through his bluffs?
Date 5: To build a big pot, you usually need two big hands to match up perfectly. Sometimes though, a little bit of stubbornness can go a long way. Can Michael cut through the small talk to win a big pot off Sarah or is this hand destined to fizzle out before the flop?
Date 6: When you're fighting to win every pot, poker can be hard. When you flop the nuts and your opponent is betting into you, poker can be very, very easy. Isaac has Deana doing most of the betting on their first date, but does he want to take his hand to the river?
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