Legends of the Game®

David Reese is widely regarded as one of the best players in poker history, but that's not why "Chip" holds a special place in the hearts of poker players around the world. In this episode, family, friends, and colleagues share never-before-heard stories about the legendary “Chip” Reese.
The transformation from small desert backwater to booming tourist destination was a road paved in mob money and violence. On this episode of "Legends of the Game," former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman and more explain how legendary mobsters turned Las Vegas into one of the most famous cities in the world.
The massive casinos that define Las Vegas draw influence from a surprising place. Travel back in time with this episode of "Legends of the Game" to learn how the Venetian government’s 17th century attempt to save their family fortune set the stage for “Sin City” 500 years later.
Poker’s origins are shroud in mystery. From European beginnings to gambling dens in New Orleans and steamboats on the Mississippi, poker’s birth is a shady shuffle of adventure, con artists, and tall tales. In this episode, Legends traces poker’s origins around the world.
Even years after his death, Stu Ungar is still considered the greatest poker player of all-time. The sky was the limit, but personal problems and dangerous drug use ended his life and career early. On this emotional episode, Legends talks with Ungar's closest friends in an attempt to understand his genius and what could have been.
Each summer, thousands of players come to Las Vegas for the chance at World Series of Poker glory. Featuring interviews with players and organizers, including Poker Hall of Famers Doyle Brunson and Jack Binion, Legends of the Game provides never-before-seen accounts to the early years of the world's biggest poker festival.
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