Poker Nights®

Orson (Chris Parnell) puts a new strategy to the test in this episode of Poker Nights and while it works once, Liz has the last laugh in the biggest pot of the night.
A new player tries to poach players for his own home game but the Poker Nights crew can’t be wooed or cheated.
The home game doubles as daycare and during the biggest pot of the night, the Poker Nights crew tries to figure out how much a baby is worth.
When you’re in a hand, you’re in a hand and while Firefighter Dick should be putting out the nearest fire, Zack has other ideas.
Direct marketing hits the weekly poker game and while the rest of the Poker Nights crew sniffs out the pyramid scheme, Orson (Chris Parnell) is blinded by lust.
Phil Hellmuth joins the Poker Nights crew. While the Poker Brat tries to blend in, Zach tries to beat him at his own game.
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